Document Storage

Are you looking for document storage? Great Removals provide the best place to store your important documents. We ensure data protection, and this is all because of our team dedication who paid particular attention in making these modern premises even more secure than before. High-end security and protection is provided. CCTV cameras are installed to provide 24 hours supervision. Biometric fingerprint technology and fire protection facilities are also provided. We offer the fastest document retrieve process to those who archive their document with us. The purpose of this service is to provide an electronic copy of the documents within 2 hours after requested.

Great Removals have some key accreditation, and one of the leading document storage in Manchester
provided to our valuable clients. We ensure the complete information security for full protection. We
work with approximate all type of industries. It doesn’t matter what type of business nature you have,
but we ensure your confidential data remains protected with great care.

We have the best quality transportation service, and our drivers can safely transport documents to other areas of Manchester. It doesn’t mean you will lose the access to your records we will provide you the online access of the database. If you want to get a scan of your important documents, then we can offer you as soon as possible. Quick retrievals of file storage and backup option are only available here at the platform. We give you the new way to manage documents. You will have complete control to your documents. Just initiate the request for service and get a Secure Document Storage.

Here the main point is to be noted that we don’t check the inside content. All we have to do is to keep track of the box in which documents are stored. If you want to deliver this box to you at your doorstep, then we can do it for you.

Why should you go for document storage?

  • For extra workspace, because when documents and the important record are kept at a secured place, then the bulk of cabinets and drawers can be easily free up
  • No more file retrieval is needed. We can find you desired document for scanning and send back to electronic format.
  • Confidentiality will be increased with the high-end security

Why Choose Us?

  • Proficient team
  • Cost-effective
  • Efficient handling of Sensitive Data
  • Flexible place
  • Secure Modern Document Scanning facility
  • Cater to both private and public sectors

Get in touch with us today for flexible document storage for long term or short term. We have a wide storage unit of all sizes. Keep your sensitive documents stored under the 24 hours supervision. Our prices are competitive and fully protected from an unusual situation.